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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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jody hernandez is in the north bay. we begin with our chief meteorologist in our weather center with the very latest on the conditions. >> something to think about with this storm the heart of the system was positioned to the north but it was so strong that getting the leading edge of the front was enough to produce the major wind. winds 15 to 30. talk about the major storm reports from this storm system. at pacifica more than 1,000 outages. on the santa cruz mountains power lines came down on highway 9 at a time stopping traffic. we are not down with the heaviest rain just yet. highest wind gusts mount hamilton at 82 miles per hour. that goes to show you the strength at the core of the
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system. we have three more storms on the way. the next one late thursday into friday evening. that could produce two to four inches of rain. for those of you in the north bay you will be the hardest hit. that arrow is for rainfall amounts that could surpass four inches. we'll tell you which river will have the biggest concern when it comes to river flooding and detail the timing of all of these storms throughout the show. the bay area is bracing for round two. nbc bay area spent the day monitoring conditions in the east and north bay. people are drying out for now. >> reporter: a lot more rain is on the way. you can see there is a big pile of sand available for folks to come by and pick up sand bags. people here don't seem to be panicking. with the first storm now behind us most folks are saying so far
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so good. after spending the morning indoors trisha lacey and little anna took advantage of the break in the storm to let out some steam. the lacey's are gearing up for some soggy days ahead. >> i think that it will be fine. whether i go stir crazy at home with my three kids is another story. movie night, breaks when we can. >> reporter: round one swept through this morning making driving a bit treacherous. but it didn't last long. by noon the rain clouds were moving on out. pg&e says while power problems have been minimal so far with more rain on the way that could change. they are urging everyone to be ready. >> we recommend that you have a flashlight and radio as well as fresh batteries on hand. we also recommend that you freeze water in plastic bins so
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if the laek trisity goes out you have something to keep cool. crews are working hard to clean storm drains and sweep streets. >> i saw yesterday that the street cleaner was going around at 5:30 at the night. i know people are working overtime and we are all very appreciative. >> reporter: these are some of the essential tools you should have on hand, a fully charged cell phone and a flashlight very important. again, there is sand available across the bay area including at this fire station in corda madera if you think you need it. >> good reminders for all of us. one man was not too happy to see the tree right there on top of his pickup truck. it fell this morning right in
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front of his house right near wood side high school. the morning commute was so bad and so was this evening commute. instead of rain drivers are now dealing with the fog. at one point highway 16 was completely shut down in one direction. how serious has it been out there and any tips from the chp so far? >> reporter: we haven't seen major accidents, just a lot of traffic tie ups. i just did get off the phone with a california highway patrol spokes woman and said there was 100 more crashes reported today than yesterday. we are talking about known hot spots where rain and speed just don't mix. a california highway patrol officer had no choice but to use his patrol car. the roadways so narrow not even a tow truck could make it
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through. he watched as the driver of the van spun out creating the chain reaction. >> they drive too fast especially around these curves here. any liquid on the pavement you are going to spin out. >> reporter: he watches the traffic all day from the windows of his restaurant. >> i have seen it all, cars flippeover, the helipad in the back. all the time, dry, wet. people are getting flown out of here. >> reporter: a retired san francisco police officer says he sees it, too. >> the chps are never sitting here for more than four minutes because this road makes people crazy. they drive too fast. they don't pay attention to the conditions. >> reporter: the conditions were rainy, foggy and windy einf to bring down part of the tree. a different van lost control and
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flipped on to its side on highway 87. drivers can blame the rain but that is not it. >> the number one problem is the driver. people driving really fast thinking that they can have the same handling in the rain as they do in dry conditions. >> reporter: we asked the california highway patrol for driving tips. they say they are the same as always. slow down, wear your seat belts. if you hit a pool of water make sure you don't hit the brakes and just release the accelerator and hold on to the wheel. and don't use your cell phone unless you are in a place where you can. >> it is going to be an active four days ahead of us. we invite you to say here for our complete coverage on air and online. in about 20 minutes we will take you live to sfo for a look at
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how the storm is impacting travellers. this rarely happens but today a man became the exception. he is charged as an adult for the murder of one man and the attempted murder of a police officer. it happened during a violent crime spree on november 16. damian has the latest. >> reporter: the prosecutor said the crimes were too heinous to charge him as a juvenile. tonight he sits in juvenile hall awaiting his fate, a fate where his age no longer matters. 15-year-olds don't normally stand in front of this judge. this courtroom is normally reserved for adults but the crimes are too serious to send his case to juvenile court. >> he is charged with the commission of a murder and a carjacking as well as the attempted murder of a police officer. anybody who is willing to do
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either of those things poses a significant threat to the community. >> reporter: police say he teamed up with this man during their crime spree. the prosecutor says it was raining bullets on the police officer who tried to stop them. >> it is bad. i can't say it is the worst i have ever seen. >> reporter: james leonard said both suspects shot at and killed rory. >> we are trying to do anything we can to help the family. >> reporter: moved by the heartbreak san jose police officer mobilized and offered up the services of his fundraising website called health his goal was $2000 and the donations have exceeded that mark. >> when you think about it that is why we took the job, not to wear the shiny star and the uniform. that is all secondary. we took the job because it has a
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purpose and a meaning. >> reporter: he says the family is still in pain but comforted by all the outpouring of support from strangers. >> i talk to his brother and his mom and they have been very, very supportive and appreciative of what we have done. >> reporter: for rory's murder willbanks can face the death penalty. at 15 years old his age saves williford from facing the death chambers. he will be back in court on december 5. both are being held without bail. we're live at the hall of justice in san jose. more than a year later the case is closed. three santa clara sheriffs deputies have been cleared of any wrong doing for opening fire on a gunman who went on a shooting spree last year. a report released today by the district attorney's office said the deputies shot 49-year-old
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almon eight tiemgz. they shot at him. almon shot and killed himself. he died one day after he shot and killed three coworkers and injured six others. the former democratic campaign treasurer who pleaded guilty to defrauding campaign candidates is going to federal prison. prosecutors describe dirky as the bernie madoff of campaign treasurers. the judge sentenced her to serve eight years and to repay more than $10 million to 77 victims. however, prosecutors say the money is mostly gone. >> we have taken her 401 k. we have taken the building in which she operated. and that will be liquidated if there is equity in it. this is the case in which most of the money that was taken was spent years ago.
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>> dirky did apologize for the harm she has caused. prosecutors say she spent the money on her mortgage and caring for her elderly parents. her attorneys say she couldn't fire her staff and let bills go unpaid. for the second time in as many days the heroic issue by a good samaritan. we have found the most expensive cup of coffee and your gadget gift guide in time for the holiday season. it's coming up next. and the barry bonds steroid scandal is back in the spot light. what the former slugger is saying about it.
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barry bonds and another former bay area superstar are on the ballott rekindling the
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debate. the former slugger is up for election into the baseball's hall of fame. five other players are up for enshrinement. major league baseball quotes bonds in an article saying in part, quote, if you believe that i'm a drug person then i don't need to be a part of it. if you don't want to put me in for those reasons that's fine. no worries i'm okay with it. if you want to put me in it for what i did as a player that would be great. $175 million to transport 200 people. 200 riders will take advantage of the mile and a half extension making the the least used light rail extension in the country. it will reduce traffic by 1/10 of a percent. was it worth it?
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there is a good chance you use it or someone you know uses it. and the website where you can buy just about anything doesn't just exist in cyber space. it also exists in tracy, an actual brick and mortar location. >> reporter: a lonely field on the outskirts of tracy hard to imagine this represents hope in a troubles economy. what is going on here tracy city manager leon churchill can't exactly reveal. >> nothing official to state at this time however there have been some media leaks that refer to our large scale employer. >> reporter: according to the city's mayor that employer is internet powerhouse amazon. the mayor has confirmed the company plans to open a major distribution center on the site.
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>> we have plans for 1.2 million square foot facility. it can be exciting. >> reporter: ground work was laid when amazon agreed to start collecting state and local sales tax in california. two distribution centers were opened. >> it is a point of sale so sales tax revenue will be very welcomes. >> reporter: the potential for 1,000 jobs was also welcome news at the work net employment centers job seekers were buzzing with possibility. >> they told me here that once it is opened they are going to start doing interviews here. i will be banging on the door. >> reporter: amazon didn't respond to requests and tracy's mayor was unavailable. churchill says work has been done on the site and an official
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announcement is imminent but dropped pretty good hints. >> the economy is changing and online shopping continues to be prominent. we think this is at the front edge of that trend. wal-mart is moving forward with plans to expand its antioch store. california health and environmental groups filed a lawsuit saying it had under estimated potential economic and environmental effects on the bay area. call mart called the court's decision a win for customers, job seekers and suppliers. the groups that filed the lawsuit say they are considering further legal action. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. this is the time where he walks the streets where he lives and says i have a question for you. >> it is happening on overtime with all of the wet weather coming our way. we did have a strong round of
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wind and rain this morning. a lot of you know what i'm talking about. winds at the coast line anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. a lot calmer than the 70 to 80 miles per hour wind gusts that were clocked. doppler radar is dry as it scans. let's get you into one of the storm reports along the peninsula we did have 60 miles per hour winds here clocked right at burlingame. let's get you the current temperatures. we have our next problem. now facing fog. we have low level ground moisture especially across the hills of the santa cruz mountains. as thee temperatures continue to cool off the fog will be worst. let's take you outside to the sky camera network.
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no huge fog problem downtown. it's when you get to the hills that you face the problems. up into san francisco cameras blowing around a little bit and no major fog here but it's just going to come up on you quick if you are doing traveling toochbt. we have been talking about a series of storms coming our way. we had the first one for tonight. now we have our next two storms lining up out in the pacific. as they roll in thursday night friday and saturday we are going to see a lot more rainfall than with the first round this morning. it was all about the wind this morning for many of you. you can see rain could total from 2 to 4 inches and maybe higher than that for some of the elevations in the north bay. winds 15 to 30 miles per hour and across the sierra about 4 to 8 inches of snow. tomorrow morning we will have wide spread low cloud cover and areas of fog to deal with. it is not going to be a smooth
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commute by any means. by 5:00 p.m. there comes the next storm in the north bay. looks like a lot of the rain chance will be contained to the north bay through thursday. by friday the rain line pushes to the south and looks like another wet commute for the entire bay area for friday morning. overall rainfall totals heavy. heaviest in the north bay. by saturday morning we tack on an additional 3 to 3.5 inches. to the hills 6 to 7 ins. south bay only 1 to 2 inches there. not expecting wide spread flooding problems in the south bay. temperatures in the 60s and cloud cover throughout thursday for most of you. as we look at the three-day forecast we have a chance of showers for the north bay on thursday. we'll have more on the seven day forecast coming up later on in the show. a federal judge makes a ruling on a controversial gun law here in the bay area.
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also new research shows men with belly fat are more at risk of developing a serious condition. and playing at the pump. a new pilot program involving lottery tickets. back in a moment.
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no matter how much you love coffee would you pay $7 for a cup of joe? >> starbucks is rolling out a costly blend. this is quadruple what many people pay. if this catches on we may pay moren the future. let's bring you the coffee starbucks calls the premium blend. it costs $6 for the tall and $7 for the grande version. starbucks is testing it in northwest stores. you can buy a half pound bag for $40.
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google buying. two days after several outlets fell for a false pr release. this merger is for real. google snagging incentive targeting. google also the object of a little bit of teasing today. this add from microsoft makes fun of google saying shoppers would be better served if they use the microsoft engine to find products. microsoft using humor to get in there, as well. we'll see if it works. we'll have the holiday guide for you with the latest gadgets coming up later in the show. there could be a link between a beer belly and the risk for osteoporosis. a study reveals men with bellies are more likely to be diagnosed with the condition. belly fat is already linked with many dangerous conditions.
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for men it is also linked to osteoporosis. the reason that access fat embedded deep in the abdomen weakens bones dramatically. most american couches are toxic. they found flame retardant chemicals in more than 1/3 of sofas nationwide. at least two are known to cause cancer and neurological and reproductive damage. health advocates are urging legislators to pass stricter guidelines. a high profile ceo visits the white house today for a meeting with the president. and stepping in to save a life, another heroic effort in the south bay. >> reporter: live at sfo where 90 flights were cancelled today because of weather. we'll take a closer look at what air travellers can expect now. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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well, today and probably for the next few days the big news will be the weather. >> rain and wind can cause problems throughout the bay area. on highway 17 the rain made driving treacherous. cal tranand the chp were out in full force. the weather made things difficult at the airport. >> possibly the delays, cancellations and the domino effect in the next 48 hours. >> reporter: today passengers here at sfo experienced delays ranging from 50 minutes to 90 minutes. if the wind direction persists we may see the same type of delays tomorrow. if your flight was delayed today
6:29 pm
at sfo you can blame the weather specifically the wind. >> with reduced visibility and the change in the run way configuration it reduzs the ability to bring in aircraft. at the busiest time today we like to bring in 60 aircraft in an hour. with these weather events we can only bring about half that. >> reporter: delays of 60 to 90 minutes or cancellations. some airlines opted to cancel trips to places like san diego and los angeles and put passengers on other scheduled flights to the same destination. this couple's flight home to houston was delayed two hours. >> we are taking it in stride. a couple of extra hours on your vacation isn't too bad. it is not great getting in after 1:00. it will make the work day tomorrow a little more stressfulal but you know you have to make the best of everything that happens in life.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: will weather once again impact the wind beneath passenger's wings tomorrow. >> where is the next storm system coming in? if it is from the southeast we can expect the same thing from today. >> reporter: so the faa will be making the call tomorrow on whether to change the landing pattern and delay passengers again. >> so before you even come out here to the airport be sure and verify your flight with your airline first. reporting live at sfo. take a look from rainbows to downed trees. we are getting a lot of pictures of the stormy weather into our news room. it is a great way to share the weather in your community. you can send your photos by e-mailing our storm coverage continues throughout this newscast. we'll have our complete
6:31 pm
forecast. for the second time in two days heroic actions save lives from a burning vehicle. a good samaritan saw an rv on fire this morning and screamed for help. he grabbed a garden hose and was able to rescue two women. firefighters pulled a four week old pit bull puppy from the car. investigators say the cause of the fire is most likely from candles that were burning. >> it is just one of the things during holidays and the cold time we burn candles and have heaters on. you have to be cognizant in being awake. >> the women were taken to the hospital. one suffered smoke inhalation and the other suffered burns to her hands. yesterday we told you about bus driver wilma acosta. she saw flames shooting out of her bus's engine compartment and went to the back of the bus where she rescued a student who
6:32 pm
was sitting in a wheelchair. the nra, the national rifle association came out on the losing end of a battle with the city of san francisco. the rule mandating the guns be stored locked up or equipped with trigger locks violates gun owners' rights. a judge says the law complies with the rights specified by the u.s. supreme court. an attorney says the nra will appeal when the court considered california's requirements on carrying firearms in public. marissa mayer visited the white house with ceos. they met with president obama to discuss the fiscal cliff. the president is putting pressure on republicans to keep middle class americans from falling off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. but republicans are resisting any move that could end up
6:33 pm
raising taxes on the rich. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: he says he wants a deal soon to cut spending but president obama is demanding republicans vote now to prevent the worst fall off the fiscal cliff, tax hikes on 98% of americans. >> the first job is to make sure tax on middle class families don't go up and since we all agree on this we should get that done. >> reporter: house democrats agree. >> if we can get a few house republicans to agree, as well, i will sign this bill. >> reporter: republican tom cole got on board. >> we all agree that we are not going to raise taxes on people that make less than $250,000. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says no. once tax breaks get blocked democrats can go home for the
6:34 pm
holidays and on january 1 tax rates rise automatically for the top 2%. worried ceos came to capitol hill saying congress has to avoid the cliff. >> entitlements have to be touched and revenues have to be touched. >> to make sure we have revenue necessary in order to move this economy forward. >> we are willing to put revenue on the table as long as we are not raising rates. >> reporter: the president says no long-term deal without a rate hike on the rich. he is urging the middle class to lobby lawmakers. >> when american people speak loudly enough congress listens. >> reporter: 33 days, no deal yet. the stock market rallied today as investors are hopeful that a deal will me made to prevent a fiscal cliff. president obama met with his
6:35 pm
full cabinet for the first time since he was reelected. when he spoke out on behalf of susan rice cabinet members applauded and believe she is his top choice to replace secretary of state hill clinton but one moderate says she has doubts about rice. >> i continue to be troubled by the fact that the u.n. ambassador decided to play what was essentially a political role at the height of a contentious presidential election campaign by agreeing to go on the sunday shows to present the administration's position. >> collins and other republicans today raised another concern about rice noting she was assistant secretary of state for african affairs during the clinton administration when the embaeszs in kenya were bombed. the antiislam film that
6:36 pm
prompted so much controversy in the middle east is causing upheaval today. today people were sentenced to the death penalty. those convicted were mostly egyptian christians plus a florida based pastor. because the defendants live outside of egypt it is viewed as symbolic. u.n. secretary general met today with president of the palestinian national authority. he wants palestine recognized as a nonmember observer state. some say thursday's vote could give the palestinians leverage in future negotiations. the u.s. and israel oppose such recognition saying it is an attempt to by pass negotiations that broke down four years ago. multimillion dollar dreams. the jackpot that has
6:37 pm
californians heading east to get hopefully the lucky ticket. we'll bring you the hottest gadgets for the holiday season. good evening. we are tracking the storms still on the way tonight after 1.45 inches of rainfall. temperatures drop off into the 50s we find fog developing. i'll have the timing on the next storm in just a few minutes.
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people across the country have powerball fever even here in california where there is no powerball. in san diego they are driving across the border to arizona to buy powerball tickets for the largest powerball jackpot in history. at this point the jackpot is over $500 million and could get higher before tonight's drawing. lottery officials say tickets are selling at a rate of 160,000 per minute nationwide and they say there is a 75% chance someone will hold the winning numbers tonight. >> people in minnesota don't have to drive far to get their tickets. a new program called play pump is now available at certain gas stations in minnesota. drivers can buy their gas and their lotto tickets there. your numbers are texted to you. this concept might be spreading to other states. >> wow. >> what a great way to win some
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money. >> no gas in the car but i played the lotto. >> let's get to the weather. we are tracking three more storms coming our way. we will have the timeline on the next system and when rain returns in just a few minutes. jim harbaugh names a starting quarterback. he is going with his young gun, colin kaepernick. and find out what convinced coach that colin is the man for the job. sports is next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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do we believe this? search no further we have the hottest tech products of the holiday season. >> gadget guide for your shopping pleasure coming from our own business and tech reporter. >> reporter: we start with our favorite mix. technology and music. here is a way to take it with you. the jam box from jawbone. it is bigger than ever with more sound and you can play it through your mobile devices starting at $120. a less common place to blast music, the shower. the shower head gives you something to sing to right in the shower. jam while you get clean for $200. the nike sport watch is the latest way to use technology to track your fitness.
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this one comes with gps and lets you track your data online. it costs about $150. readers are still selling like hot cakes and there are way more than we can show you here. if you are new to the e reading thing the nook simple touch is an inexpensive way in, $99. we have lots of tablets. the amazon kindle hd, the google nexus and the new ipad mini all cool and all part of the new wave of computing, a very wide price range so do your homework. will these catch on? they are hybrid tablet lap tops from the likes of microsoft with the surface and the idea pad. these like the full sized apple ipad cost around $500 to $600. much smaller and still powerful the smart phones hot sellers from the newest samsung galaxy
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to the iphone 5 starting around $200. much less expensive but far fewer apps. this is the spare 1 emergency phone actually a very practical gift. it will work when storms disable cell towers to let you call 911. it runs about $60. finally the hottest selling new game system. this one comes from nintendo. it's the wii-u. gamers love it. hard to find in stores so check the web. it starts at $300. >> is there anything for $25? >> maybe a game. >> maybe. we need like something that predicts the weather. >> a chief meteorologist. >> how much do you cost? >> i'm free for you guys. i'm free for all of you. we have the first storm system
6:46 pm
moving in today and three more storms coming our way. winds were 20 to 40 miles per hour. we are seeing some gusts. most importantly the heaviest rainfall has pushed out. let's bring you into some of the storm reports that we had again this morning. winds that topped 80 miles per hour up across mount hamilton. san francisco 46. it was really the wind for a lot of you. we did have heavier rainfall totals. for parts of the south bay we only picked up a quarter inch for example. we are now poised in getting ready for the next storm to come our way. this morning even though we did have heavy down pours at a time it is the first round and we did have flood reports coming in from chp. several different locations right on interstate 880. that is another sign of what is
6:47 pm
coming our way. let's take you outside to the live network tonight and san francisco is all clear. we are not seeing wide spread fog however fog will be a problem for a lot of hills as temperatures continue to cool off tonight especially into the santa cruz mountains. let's get you into the next 48 hours. we have three other systems coming your way. you see the next one on tap for thursday night, friday and also into saturday. it's going to be very slow moving and then we will have another storm coming our way as we head throughout sunday. the jet stream is not going to budge too much sitting across california. that will give a chance of isolated thunderstorms. we can't rule out a thunderstorm as we head throughout the next 72 hours that may produce some hail. temperatures will stay in the 50s and 60s. we'll have periods of wind. mainly dry for a lot of us on thursday. as we head to friday that is when wide spread rain is
6:48 pm
returning. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow wide spread cloud cover and areas of fog. so definitely want to be watching out for that even though the ground will be dry. throughout the evening hours there comes the next storm system. it is mainly an event for you tomorrow with the highest chances of rain. as we head throughout thursday night and friday morning the next storm arrives with heavier pockets of rain. right now friday morning looks like the next heaviest zone of wet weather. we will see the storm linger around. and that is why we have flooding concerns with us. this is what our computer is estimating when it comes to rainfall. not exact totals but where we think some of the numbers will lie. it is totally something you can handle in the east and south bay. up into the north bay we can see rainfall totals surpass 4 or 7 inches for some of the highest elevations. this is a huge litmus test of
6:49 pm
what could happen. the russian river at guerneville expected to crest monday at 25.4 feet. it will get close to flood stage. watch out for that. temperatures tonight in the upper 40s with areas of fog and tomorrow low to mid 60s for daytime highs. let's get the seven day forecast in here. what you will find is as we head throughout tomorrow friday our next storm arrives with wide spread rain and wind. saturday a chance of thunderstorms and then another stronger storm on sunday. so it's going to be a wild ride the next couple of days but at least we get some small breaks in between. take it slow on the roads. 100 extra crashes today just from this weather alone. >> i was driving today and i can feel the hydro planing. >> let's go to sports.
6:50 pm
we are still trying to figure out joe montana against steve young and now we have colin against alex. a lot going on here. >> absolutely. no matter who it is when it is quarterback controversy it is very interesting. that is for sure. no one said being an nfl coach is easy and today jim harbaugh had a difficult decision to make. he named colin kaepernick his starting qb this week. is the controversy over? >> reporter: jim harbaugh stood in front of a horde of local and national media to explain why he will start a second year player over an eight-year veteran. >> we have two quarterbacks that we feel great about as starting quarterback and both earned it and deserve it. alex over a long period of time and colin by verchie of the last
6:51 pm
three games. colin we believe has the hot hand. >> reporter: harbaugh said his decision was not an easy one. >> alex is a class act all the way. he will prepare as he is the starter. >> reporter: kaepernick gave smith credit for helping prepare him to be the starter. >> our relationship hasn't changed. he helped me a lot last year going through our play book and how we will read different things and progressions and things like that. he has been a great help to get me to where i am right now. >> reporter: and harbaugh did not rule out the possibility that smith could be back under center again. >> anything is a possibility. i would assume nothing or rule out anything. we will go with colin. and we'll go with alex. they're both our guys. >> reporter: can you give an indication if you will start for the rest of the season? >> he didn't tell us that.
6:52 pm
that's going to be up to him. >> reporter: kaepernick said he found out he would be the starting quarterback during wednesday morning's practice when harbaugh announced it to the team. we don't know when alex smith found out he would not be the starter. smith did not talk to the media on wednesday but said he would do so on thursday. also, there's a report out of oalabama that mcclain has been released by the oakland raiders. according to the raiders the linebacker was held out of practice for team related issues today. >> i bring in our insider to shed light on what you think is happening right now behind the scenes. >> there is definitely something up regarding him. a lot of rumors and reports that he has been cut. and a lot of the things you have
6:53 pm
to take with a grain of salt because anybody can get online and say he said this or that. people are saying on his facebook page he has said his final good byes to the raiders and some things that weren't that nice as far as bidding fairwell to the organization. whether that is true or not we don't know. the raiders said he remains on the roster. something is up and something definitely will be announced i think within the next 24 hours or so. that's it for sports right now. one other quick note. brian wilson has to sign with the giants by friday in order to stay a san francisco giant otherwise he can sign with them if he chooses. he said a second option is the l.a. dodgers. can you believe that? >> the l.a. dodgers. >> say it ain't so. >> i wish i could. >> thanks, henry.
6:54 pm
>> thanks a lot. you can watch sportsnet central tonight at 10:30. we'll be right back.
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6:56 pm
the first family opened doors and unveiled the white house christmas decorations. first lady michelle obama welcomed military kids and their families and they got to explore the white house and all of the holiday. an out of scale version of the dog decorated in the presidential mansion. mrs. obama thanked them for their service.
6:57 pm
>> we think you are pretty amazing individuals. i know you may not feel that way but you are special.  and we are just so happy to have you here. we are grateful for your sacrifice and your service. and that is really why we wanted to invite all of you here today to say thank you. >> talking to all of those kids. mrs. obama took the kids away for a special treat where they got to do crafts and decorate the white house cookies. thousands are gathering in new york city to see the famous christmas tree light up. this year's tree is very special. the 50-year-old 80 foot tall spruce came from new jersey after surviving hurricane sandy. tonight marks the tree lighting. the special features tony bennett, c logreen and airs tonight at 8 p.m.
6:58 pm
at 11:00 a downtown divided. one east bay city has a plan to promote more late night entertainment. the latest on our second storm. a live picture of the south bay. the storm headed to the entire bay area and how the road crews are preparing for it. the commute tomorrow evening expected to be a little rough. all of that coming in tonight at 11:00 after an snl christmas. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. >> good night.
6:59 pm
>> now on "extra" -- jessica simpson pregnant again. her baby shocker seven months after giving brge and dropping 70 pounds. >> could it derail her mega million dollar weight watchers deal? >> charl


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